Paperback NOW Available!

For a limited time, Volume two of the Walter Day Gaming Superstars hardcover book will be the low price of $25.68.
This book will only be available on Amazon and I will not have access to extra books to ship to you directly. The book ships all over the country as well as outside the US. Shipping will depend on location. Based on the book being brand new, shipping is longer than normal. Sorry for the inconvenience. Once the book is online for a few weeks, the shipping times come down.
Walter Day’s Gaming Superstars: Volume Two has over 200 cards from the Superstars of 2012 collection. This book covers card numbers 201-400. Superstars of the arcade, pinball and console genre are featured in this volume. This series contains a few error cards and cards with two different pictures having the same number. There are even a few upside-down misprint cards, considered rare to the collector. This volume is packed with historic photos and images from the past, plus untold stories from the card holders themselves.
You can click the link to Amazon and order today! There is also a kindle version. I want to thank all those who have helped me through this process to make this book come to light.
Also, for those who are on a trading card and would like to order copies of yours or even trading cards you need for collection, please email and they can give you prices on the cards and shipping options.
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