Old School Gamer sits down with Mega Cat Studios’ Zack Manko to find out all about World Championship Boxing Manager II before its May 17 console release.

About World Championship Boxing Manager II:

World Championship Boxing Manager 2 is a 32-bit management game that tasks you with managing the world’s next boxing champion. Fitted with modern features, dynamic lighting, and an extensive skill system that lets players build the pugilist of their dreams.

Old School Gamer Magazine: How does it feel to see this on console?

Zack Manko: Great! It’s always a joy to bring our games to new audiences.

Old School Gamer Magazine: The story modes in this game are INTENSE. What was it like to write them all?

Manko: Honestly it was equal parts challenging and fun. Challenging because the stories needed to keep player’s attention and add value to the gameplay, without feeling just like a bolted-on mode.

I think the stories are perfect for shorter play sessions, or to give players focused goals—something that doesn’t happen frequently in sandbox, manager-style games. I had a lot of fun with the dialogue in some of these, especially the scenario with the actor.

Old School Gamer Magazine: What was it like to work with such a storied franchise?

Manko: Working with an IP, whether a game or film, always comes with its own set of challenges. Meeting the expectation of that IP’s audience, while still delivering on a game or genre’s premise, can be a creative quandary.

We’d like to think we pulled that off here, staying true to the original game’s spirit, and the lives of the boxing legends, like Rocky Marciano, that we’ve included.

Old School Gamer Magazine: Who do you think will enjoy this the most?

Manko: There is meat here for sim fans to really get into. Boxing enthusiasts and sports history buffs will get into the scenarios featuring our legendary boxers. Honestly, if you’ve ever been punched in the face or wanted to punch someone in the face, this game is for you.

Old School Gamer Magazine: Bottom line- why should someone check it out?

Manko: Come for the punching, stay for the humor!

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